4 English Words You Will Use at a Bank in the U.S.A. (How to Say Words in English)


4 Words To Say at the Bank in English

1.) Sign Up

When you sign up for something, you register for it or enter your information to receive services or information. Example: He signed up to receive email updates.

2.) Fill Out

When you fill out something, you complete the entire document or form. This is different from fill up and fill in. Fill up means to add liquid or more items inside another thing. Fill in means to enter or sign just your name or a more detailed and specific place on a line. Fill out is the WHOLE form.

Example: "Can you fill out this application and send it back to us?"

3.) Put In

When you put in something, you add information, savings, items, or a code into something. For example, when I put money in my bank account, I make a deposit. I can also enter (put in) my PIN number at the ATM. If you don't know these letters, you can watch week 3 in my online English course to learn more banking vocabulary.

4.) Take Out

When you take out...

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