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Week 5: Ordering Coffee (Watch Below)


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8-Week English Class

What Will You Learn?

Week 1: Shopping

Week 2: Ordering Food

Week 3: Banking Words and Vocabulary

Week 4: Feelings and Emotions

Week 5: Ordering at a Starbucks

Week 6: Mailing a Package

Week 7: Traveling in the U.S.

Week 8: Road Signs and Driving Words

Final Test: Certificate of Completion!

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How Others Are Learning

"Hello Alex! Thank you so much for teaching us phrasal verbs. Keep doing this job man, PLEASE! It's too hard for me to learn, memorize and start using phrasal verbs in my conversations. I get confused with them." -Cesar Augusto Silva 

"I find your lesson very useful. Thank you so much for posting this interesting video. I can learn many new words about the topic shopping. It made my day." -Thuyen Ben 

"I have learned a lot from this lesson. When I was taking a trip in America, I was not able to understand some words. After that course, I believe that I can understand them easily." -Runze Jiang

"Verb phrases are difficult for me, verb+ preposition, verb + adverb, which have different meanings in different contexts. It will simplify complicated words. This video is very useful." -Annie Liu

How to Order in English

Avoid embarrassment when ordering food at Subway. In this class, you will learn common Starbucks vocabulary and how to order food and use other common phrases in American English. Other examples include food words, travel words, banking vocabulary, expressing your feelings, and more English phrases.

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Teacher Alex

Alex will help you understand English in real-life situations. He holds a B.S. in Media and Journalism, an M.A. in Leadership, TEFL Certified, and an Adult Basic Education license from the state of Colorado. He will explain how to use the right words in the right situations. You will get listening, speaking, and writing practice in this course.

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Certificate Option

After taking this course, you will have an opportunity to get a certificate of completion. You must past the test with an 80% passing grade to receive a certification from ESL With Purpose, LLC.

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