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How to Order in English

In addition to ordering at a Subway, you will learn common Starbucks vocabulary and how to order food and use other common phrases in American English.

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Alex will help you understand English in real-life situations. He will explain how to use the right words in the right situations. You will get listening, speaking, and writing practice in this course.

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Phrasal Verbs are used in over 30% of how native English speakers talk. Learn some common expressions with English on the Street.

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"Hello Alex! Thank you so much for teaching us phrasal verbs. Keep doing this job man, PLEASE! It's too hard for me to learn, memorize and start using phrasal verbs in my conversations. I get confused with them." -Cesar Augusto Silva 

"I find your lesson very useful. Thank you so much for posting this interesting video. I can learn many new words about the topic shopping. It made my day." -Thuyen Ben 

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